Indian Journal of ECMO
Volume 1 | Issue 3–4 | Year 2023


3. Cannula inserted during VA ECMO to avoid distal limb ischemia 1. CO2 removal in the membrane oxygenator is primarily dependent on
4. Antidote for heparin 2. Trial which did not show mortality benefit of ECMO in severe ARDS
6. LVAD for short term mechanical circulatory support 4. Landmark trial in ARDS which shows mortality benefit in proning
8. Bicaval dual lumen ECMO cannula 5. Anticoagulation of choice in ECMO
9. Phenomenon in which oxygenated blood is withdrawn from the drainage cannula without passing the systemic circulation 7. Which commonly used NOAC has majorly renal excretion
11. 1st human lung transplant done by 10. How to identify that the patient on ECMO is hypovolemic
12. What is the name of 2012 Definition of ARDS  
Dr Monalisa Mishra
Consultant, Critical Care, Ruby General Hospital, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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